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Uses for Ancillary Equipment

There are many uses for ancillary equipment on your primary equipment. Livernois Engineering offers a large selection of ancillary equipment to help the productivity of your current machines and other operations. However, you might be wondering what exactly this equipment is and why it is a beneficial addition to any piece of machinery. Systems That… Read more »

Livernois 75th Anniversary

75th Anniversary Announcement for Livernois Livernois Engineering is proud to be celebrating our 75th Anniversary.  Now in partnership with Tridan International and Innovative Automation, we can proudly say that we have the ability to meet the manufacturing, tooling, and automation needs of the entire heat exchange industry. Starting In 1949 The Livernois Engineering journey started… Read more »

Heat Exchanger Core Assembly Equipment

When it comes to manufacturing heat exchangers, core assembly equipment is essential.  To build a heat exchanger, primary parts need to be built with a core assembly system. As a result, you need high-quality assembly to ensure the production of effective heat exchanger cores. For manufacturers, they need to be able to build heat exchangers… Read more »

Fins in Electric Vehicles

Are fins used in heat exchangers used in electric vehicles? Fins are an important component of heat exchangers. Although not all heat exchangers use fins, these thin, protruding structures help enhance the heat transfer process. Fins increase the surface area near the heat exchanger’s tubes and plates to allow efficient cooling. Many industries such as… Read more »

Celebrating 5 Years of Fresh Collaborative Technologies

In 2018, Innovative Automation joined forces with Livernois Engineering and Tridan International.  These past 5 years have been a time of learning and growth while becoming a leader in advanced manufacturing technologies.  We have successfully brought together three companies and we are Better Together as a result. Each of these three companies was already a… Read more »

Fin Equipment Manufacturers

Linernois Engineering has an extensive history of being one of the nation’s leading fin equipment manufacturers. Livernois has a dedicated line of fin production machines to choose from. In addition, the devices are designed for varying volumes of work. For example, the mid-volume fin mills can run less than 600 feet per minute of strip… Read more »

Join Us At AHR In Atlanta

Livernois Engineering, Innovative Automation, and Tridan International are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2023 AHR Expo.  With new products and exciting developments to discuss, we look forward to seeing everyone at this show.  Please join us at Booth #B1566 as we reconnect with suppliers, customers, and friends for this productive and enjoyable… Read more »