Livernois Engineering has been producing high-quality roll formers since the 1950s.  Throughout our history, we have taken great pride in building robust machines capable of meeting production requirements for years of reliable manufacturing.  Many of our oldest machines are still in production today.

Machine Rebuilds

Often these older machines can be rebuilt to provide another lifetime of quality operation.  We offer rebuild services for machines that you may already own and often have machines that we can provide for rebuild projects.  Rebuilding of a roll form fin mill typically consists of the cleaning, painting, and replacing of bearings, shafts, and other wear components.

We can also upgrade older controls in these machines to modern servo-level performance.  In many cases, a rebuilt machine will run as well as new and often have a higher capability level than the machine had in its original form.  Our Engineering staff is always available to learn more about your application and help configure a unique solution for your unique application requirements including the possibility of rebuilding an older roll former.

RB Fin Mill After