Low Volume

RB-BW200 Low VolumeQuality fin forming is critical to the function of any heat exchanger.  We provide a variety of roll forming systems all of which focus on their ability to produce high-quality fin.

Low Volume Fin Mills

We understand that not every application requires high volume production.  Some applications require low volumes of fin production but still require the fin to exhibit the same level of quality as the highest volume production applications.  To meet the needs of these applications we provide a variety of low volume fin mills that use the same high-quality fin tooling methods utilized across our entire range of machines.

Our low volume fin mills typically run less than 300 feet per minute of strip speed and cut parts at less than 30 cycles per minute.  They can be configured with a wide variety of tooling and can run a wide range of fin styles.  Our Engineering staff is always available to learn more about your application and help configure a unique solution for your unique application requirements.

Low Volume rb-DSC_0017