Roll Form Tooling

Form Roll ToolingThe quality requirements for fin are becoming necessarily more and more stringent as applications work to maximize thermal performance.  Although there are less precise methods for developing fin tooling, Livernois Engineering has specialized in star-style form tooling since we originally developed the technology.

Today, we provide roll form tool using this proven technique which allows for the convolution of the fin and the features, such as louvers, to be formed at the same time.  In the years since initially developing this technology, it has proven to be the highest quality and most productive method for the manufacture of heat exchanger fin.

Experience With Roll Form Tooling

With over 70 years of experience with this type of tooling, we have an extensive database of designs and methods to accommodate virtually every type of fin imaginable.  We leverage the knowledge gained in these previous designs to continually push the envelope of fin performance and application.

These tools come in a variety of styles from louvered fin, to bump fin, to offset fin, and others.  They can be configured for a wide variety of sizes and applications and our engineering staff enjoys the opportunity to develop tooling for modern and ever more complex fin profiles.

Of course, not every fin can be roll formed, and not every fin should be roll formed.  Depending on the application requirements, the fin may be better suited for stamping or folding methods of manufacturing.  Livernois Engineering along with our sister companies, Tridan International, and innovative Automation, have the experience to produce fin manufacturing methods to meet the needs of every heat exchange application.