Livernois Engineering – Performance. Reliability. Dedication

Manufacturing processes must provide a competitive advantage.  Your ability to provide unique products to the market is certainly important, but no more important than the advantage you achieve by implementing robust manufacturing methods.  This is especially true in today’s competitive heat exchanger manufacturing environment.

Livernois Engineering, along with our partner companies, Innovative Automation, and Tridan International, is dedicated to providing high-performance systems that reliably meet the unique requirements of our customer’s unique applications.  Performance.  Reliability.  Dedication.

Through the development and continuous improvement of tools, machines, automation, and methods, we aim to partner with our customers to become their reliable source for all of their heat exchanger manufacturing needs.  We understand that until your product is loaded on the truck and leaving the facility, the role of manufacturing is not complete.  We are the only heat exchanger manufacturing company committed to supporting your manufacturing operations from raw materials all the way through the loading of the truck.

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