Heat Exchange

Livernois Engineering has been providing solutions for heat exchange manufacturing applications since 1949.  In combination with our partner companies, Innovative Automation, and Tridan International, we have over 150 years of combined experience providing unique solutions for the unique requirements of the heat exchange industry.

Heat Exchange – Roll-Formed Heat Exchangers

Our specialty has been in the development and automation of roll-formed fin heat exchangers.  As such, we have developed a complete line of fin mills, core assembly equipment, and tube mills.  We also produce a complete line of accessories for these products.  Through our Innovative Automation brand, we are also able to take on all types of specialty projects and custom automation within and outside of the heat exchange industry.

If you are a manufacturer of folded fin heat exchangers, Innovative Automation will have solutions for all of your manufacturing needs.  If you are a manufacturer of stamped flat fin heat exchangers, Tridan International will be able to support all of your manufacturing requirements.