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Livernois Engineering, the manufacture of heat exchangers has always been and continues to be, complex and challenging.  The range of applications for heat exchangers and their precision has evolved considerably in recent history.  As applications strive to become more efficient and effective, the requirements demanded of the heat exchanger have become much more critical.  Electric vehicle battery cooling, recuperative energy collection, and many other technologies are only practical through recent advancements in heat exchanger technology.

About Livernois Engineering

About Livernois EngineeringLivernois Engineering along with our group of companies Innovative Automation and Tridan International are committed to the development of automation and tooling that will support the evolving requirements for heat exchanger manufacturing.   We take pride in our ability to develop new methods and technologies while consistently working toward the development of next-generation applications.


Our philosophy emphasizes continuous improvement of current technologies while aggressively partnering with our customers on the development of new technologies.  We can readily support all aspects of heat exchanger manufacturing from tooling and machinery to automation.  We provide service and support as well as spare parts and maintenance of all brands and types of manufacturing equipment used in heat exchanger operations.

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