Roll Form Fin Mills

Automotive and other heat exchange applications require precision forming and the potential for high speeds and flexible outputs.  Roll forming of fin was developed specifically to meet these requirements.  Livernois Engineering was one of the pioneers in the development of this technology for specific applications to heat exchanger fin.

Our earliest version of our Fin Mill consisted of headstands for the precision mounting of a form roll tool along with packing and cutoff methods.  These early mills could function at speeds of 100 feet of linear strip per minute and be primarily used for copper fin applications.  Today our state-of-the-art servo-driven mills are capable of running 1000 feet per minute on materials ranging from copper to aluminum and even stainless steel.

Volume Production Of Fin Mills

Even with our capabilities for high speeds and high volume production, we understand that not every application can be satisfied with a high-speed fin mill.  We take great pride in providing unique solutions for unique applications and therefore also offer low-volume mills, mid-volume mills, and special purpose mills engineered to the unique requirements of our customers.

Of course, not every fin can be roll formed, and not every fin should be roll formed.  Depending on the application requirements, fin may be better suited for stamping or folding methods of manufacturing.  Livernois Engineering along with our sister companies, Tridan International, and Innovative Automation, have the experience to produce fin manufacturing methods to meet the needs of every heat exchange application.