A Headstand functions as the mount of rotational support of tooling for roll form applications.  The best roll form tool will have hampered performance if not properly supported and aligned.  Livernois Engineering can provide headstands for a variety of tools and a variety of roll form applications and manufacturers.

Headstands – Support Of The Form Roll Tooling

The most important example of a headstand in a roll form application is for the support of the form roll tooling.  In this application, the headstand provides precision alignment of the tooling and accurate rotational accuracy that allows the form tool to properly function.  In addition, the headstand protects the form tool from damage both when it is running in the mill and when it is being stored off the mill.

At Livernois Engineering we always recommend that a headstand be available for every form tool to be run in the plant.  This protects the form tool and also allows for quick changeover and setup when switching tools in the machine.  Our Engineering Staff is available to support all of your tool holding and headstand requirements.