Agile Fin Mill

Agile Fin MillFrom the earliest stages of production for a heat exchanger to the fully mature production capability, a high-quality fin is an essential requirement.   Many applications start out as low volume opportunities and grow over time to higher and higher levels of production requirements.  It is for these applications that we have developed our Agile Fin Mill technology.

Agile Fin Mill Production

The Livernois Agile Fin Mill is more than simply another fin mill configuration beyond our low, mid, and high volume production machines.  It is designed specifically to meet the unique needs of an application staged to grow from low volumes to high production volumes.  The system is typically purchased to meet the needs of a specific application with a low level of production.

What makes the Agile Fin Mill unique is its ability to be field modified with additional modules designed to increase the capability and capacity of the machine.  Effectively, this fin can grow as the requirements of your unique application grow.