Livernois 75th Anniversary

75th Anniversary Announcement for Livernois

75th AnniversaryLivernois Engineering is proud to be celebrating our 75th Anniversary.  Now in partnership with Tridan International and Innovative Automation, we can proudly say that we have the ability to meet the manufacturing, tooling, and automation needs of the entire heat exchange industry.

Starting In 1949

The Livernois Engineering journey started in 1949 when the founder, Ben Wallis, opened a small engineering facility on Livernois Avenue in Detroit.  Through engineering and creativity, he grew the business to become a world respected leader in the development of tooling and technologies for the manufacture of heat exchangers.  One of his early breakthroughs was the development of the “star style” forming tool for louvered fin.  Subsequent advancements led to producing the first long life version of these tools critical in allowing for the manufacture of microchannel heat exchangers.

Since Ben’s time with the company, Livernois went through some changes in ownership culminating with the acquisition by Innovative Automation in 2018.  Livernois came full circle with this acquisition as many of IA’s talented staff had formerly worked at Livernois Engineering.  We now have seven employees with over 75 years of combined experience from Livernois and even more with Innovative Automation and Tridan International.

In addition, we want to thank our numerous customers, suppliers, and friends who have been there with us as a part of our long and distinguished history.  We look forward to continuing the tradition established by Ben Wallis of Performance, Reliability, and Dedication for many more years to come.