Fin Equipment

Fin EquipmentLivernois Engineering has been developing and producing fin manufacturing equipment since our first days in 1949.  In fact, the company was founded based upon the advanced technology for fin manufacturing that was developed at that time.

Fin manufacturing equipment consists mainly of the roll form fin mill, the roll form tooling, and the ancillary equipment that supports the forming and handling of these fins.  Roll-formed fins come in a variety of types and styles dependent upon the requirements of the application.  Louvered fins are a staple for use with automotive and other heat exchangers and were one of the first developments completed by Livernois.

Fin Equipment Manufacture

We believe that efficient fin manufacturing is the heart and soul of any heat exchanger manufacturing operation.  Being able to produce quality fin is critical due to the reliance that other processes have on the fin.  As such, we have developed a range of roll forming machines suitable for any model mix and volume production scenario,  We also have an extensive database of form roll tooling featuring thousands of fin and tool designs.  We leverage this information and our experience to develop, design and fabricate mills and tooling as a core function of our operations.

In addition to roll-formed fin, flat fin and folded fin are the other main types of fin utilized in heat exchange applications.  In cooperation with our sister companies, Tridan International and Innovative Automation, we are the only North American supplier capable of providing all three major types of fins/heat exchangers.  More importantly, our experience with all of these various heat exchanger types allows us to help recommend the appropriate fin technology for your application.