Tooling Design

The component in most heat exchangers that drives the performance of the unit is the fin.  Over the years, the design of the fin has evolved considerably and now a variety of styles and types exist for a wide array of applications.  From the very beginning, Livernois Engineering has supported the development of the fin and also the tooling that could be used to manufacture it.  We have an extensive library with entries for 70 years covering almost every imaginable style of heat exchanger fin.  We have access to all of this data allowing us to accurately design and develop new tooling for any new or current fin design.

Prototyping Tooling Design

There are three major types of fins used for heat transfer applications.  These are roll formed, folded, and stamped.  Fortunately, with our sister companies, we are able to support the tooling required for all of these fins as well as other unique profiles.  While Livernois Engineering specializes in roll-formed fin, Tridan International specializes in stamped fin and Innovative Automation specializes in folded fin.  Regardless of the requirements of your application, our Engineering Staff can support your fin manufacturing and tooling requirements.