Livernois Engineering was involved in the initial design of louvered heat exchanger manufacturing applications.  Along with our Innovative Automation brand we take great pride in providing research and development services for our customers.  This includes the critical process of prototyping for a variety of heat exchanger styles and methods.

Prototyping Services For Stamped Fin

We are unique in the industry in our ability to provide prototyping services for stamped fin through Tridan International, folded fin through Innovative Automation, and roll formed fin through Livernois Engineering.  With over 70 years of experience in developing roll form tooling, we have collected a considerable library of roll form tools that we can configure and run to meet prototyping requirements for our customers allowing for a significantly lower cost for the critical engineering prototypes in the support of both development and limited production.

Our Engineering Staff is able to provide you with examples of fins that we run and may have tooling readily available to meet your specific needs.