Ancillary Equipment

Livernois Engineering is known for its ability to provide Fin Mills, Tube Mills, Core Builders, and other major equipment related to the manufacture of heat exchangers.  Although the importance of this type of equipment can’t be overestimated, it’s often the ancillary equipment that allows more fundamental machines to realize their production capability.

We provide a complete line of Trayers for the collection of tubes in trays to accommodate use in subsequent manufacturing operations.  In addition, we can provide Cutoffs to process the tubes whether in line with the roll forming or offline.  Measurement Systems, Tube Cleaning Systems, and even Tube Stuffers can also be provided.

Ancillary Equipment Available

Livernois Engineering is unique in the industry due to the cooperation provided by our partner companies Innovative Automation, and Tridan International.  Our three companies combined cover automation and equipment requirements for the entire heat exchange industry.  Innovative Automation specializes in Custom Machines and Automation so that we can provide unique solutions for your unique applications.  Our Engineering Staff is ready to learn more about your processes and work with you to identify solutions for all of your manufacturing requirements.