Main Density Tooling

The Form Roll Tool is the most important tool in a roll form fin mill in that it establishes the heat transfer characteristics of the fin from louver angle to height to density.  However, without the support of the subsequent tooling in the machine, the form roll will still not be capable of producing a high-quality fin.  The Main Density Tool is the next tool in line from the form tool and is arguably the next most important tool in the mill.

Main Density Tooling – Starwheel

Also known as a Starwheel, the Main Density Tool accepts strip in an open state from the form tool.  It then serves as a backstop to support the strip while it is packed to allow for the setting of the density of the fin.  In this fashion is serves as a datum for the density tooling and also serves to protect the form tool from wrap ups potential caused by the packing of the fin.

Livernois has provided several styles of Main Density Tooling that can be used in a variety of types of roll formers from a range of fin mill manufacturers.