Material Handling

For most automation companies the focus is on the large assembly element such as a forming or assembly machine.  Livernois Engineering has experience of commissioning complete systems which demonstrates that the difference between a good system and a great system is often material handling.

Building a great assembly system is important, but if the assembly sits on the floor the benefit is questionable.  Until the unit makes it to the truck there are still ways to improve the efficiency of it manufacture.  Final assembly material handling systems help to make for efficient systems until the final steps.  Likewise, material handling systems for primary parts help to improve efficiency and productivity and must also be included in any robust manufacturing system.

At Livernois Engineering we have experience with handling systems for core manufacturing.  Our partner company, Tridan International has considerable experience handling materials for coil manufacturing.  To help round out our offering, Innovative Automation has considerable experience with handling systems of all types from small components to 50 feet long beams.