Long Life Tooling

Long Life ToolingLivernois Engineering has been producing roll-form fin tooling for over 70 years.  We are able to produce louvered, offset, wavy, bump, and a variety of other types of fins.  Our special Long Life Tooling is a development made by Livernois specifically to address the aggressive wear characteristics of cladded aluminum fin.

For applications running cladded aluminum like serpentine or micro-channel condensers, the Livernois Long Life Tool is critical to the overall performance of your manufacturing operations.  Whereas our Standard Tooling might only last for weeks or months in these applications, our Long Life Tooling may last for years of dependable operation.

Long Life Tooling Essential For Cladded Fin

Although our Long Life Tools are more expensive than our Standard Tools, for an application running cladded aluminum fin material, they provide tremendous value and reliability.  Many of our customers chose to run these tools for all of their applications but it is essentially for cladded fin heat exchangers.

With over 70 years of design experience, our Engineering staff is ready to assist in recommending and developing a Standard or other tool for your application.