Heat Exchanger Core Assembly Equipment

When it comes to manufacturing heat exchangers, core assembly equipment is essential.  To build a heat exchanger, primary parts need to be built with a core assembly system. As a result, you need high-quality assembly to ensure the production of effective heat exchanger cores. For manufacturers, they need to be able to build heat exchangers with unique specs including size and shape. In addition, some manufacturers need machines that produce a specific amount of heat exchangers. Livernois Engineering located in Michigan, produces core assembly equipment for these manufacturers. While Livernois develops unique designs, they have a few available core builders and assembly machines that are ready to go.

Manual Easels

For people who are producing lower volumes of heat exchangers, the Livernois Manual Easel is a perfect choice. The Manual Easel is developed with various automatic functions that can help vary the size from a heater core to the largest charge air coolers or condensers.


The Semi-Automatic Core Assembly is one of Livernois Engineering’s popular core builders. This manufactured core builder strikes a balance between production volume and model mix that meets the requirements of most applications. Like other core builders, the semi-automatic can be customized to meet the manufacturer’s needs.Core assembly equipment - Builders


If a manufacturer needs high-volume output, Automatic core assembly is the best option. These high-volume machines come in a variety of styles and are often linked directly to a high-volume fin mill for core building. In that regard, manufacturers looking for high-volume solutions and sources, can contact the Livernois Engineering team.


Why buy a new core builder when you can rebuild your old one? Certain manufacturing plants want to keep their original builders. After all, these machines have been used for years and fit the standards that they need for their heat exchangers. Livernois can rebuild any core builder and update it with upgraded controls from our talented in-house engineers. Whether you are building heat exchangers for chemical processing machines or large condensers, contact Livernois to get your production rolling!

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